Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition, AD&D 2nd edition Character creation: Kits and Classes

Character Classes and Kits

This section contains Dungeons and Dragons second edition character kits and classes that may be used by characters adventuring in Fälgorna. Some of these kits and classes are completely original. However, many are modifications of AD&D kits and classes previously published by Wizards of the Coast (WOC) - TSR, Inc. In the case of a modified kit or class, the material upon which it is based is clearly referenced (in most cases).
In the world of Fälgorna every character must choose a class and may optionally choose a kit for his character. The character’s class describes in general terms the profession the character follows. The kit describes the specific field or area of speciality in which the character operates. Just as there are many types of engineers in our world — civil engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, etc — there are many types of warriors, wizards, priests and rogues. The character’s class places him in a broad group consisting of many similar professions, and the kit defines the character's position within that group.
Six basic character classes are available to characters adventuring in Fälgorna: Warrior, wizard, priest, rogue, barbarian and psionicist. All of these basic classes contain subclasses. For example, the Priest class includes the cleric, druid, specialty priest, crusader, monk, mystic and shaman subclasses.
Each class also has a wide variety of kits available to it. There are also racial kits and generic kits. Generic kits are kits which are available to characters of more than one class or to all classes.
Because Fälgorna is a world like no other world, not all the character classes and kits listed in the various rulesbooks are treated the same as they would be in other campaign settings. The character classes and kits as they function in Fälgorna are described in the following section. Some kits described in the various rulebooks are not available in Fälgorna, these kits are noted in a special section at the end of this chapter.
The modifications described in this manual are official rules for Fälgorna and take precedence over rules described in the various AD&D rulebooks. If a character class or kit is not listed, it is not available without the DM's permission. (Not all the classes and kits available to characters adventuring in Fälgorna are detailed on the website at this time.)
Some character classes and kits may not be played by characters of certain races. Racial limitations are listed in their own section.
Special rules for dual-class and multi-classed characters are covered after the sections on character classes and kits.